What is Swaging?

swage (swAj) n.
1. A tool used in bending or shaping cold metal.
2. A stamp or die for marking or shaping metal with a hammer.
3. A swage block.
-swage tr.v. swaged, swag ing, swag es.
To bend or shape by or as if by using a swage.

Rotary Swaging is a process for reducing the cross-sectional area or otherwise changing the shape of bars, tubes or wires by repeated radial blows with one or more pair of opposed dies.

Small swaged flight control tube with rod end bearing

Cold swaging done at room temperature, is effective on thin walled materials and on smaller reductions of cross section. A side benefit of this process is the cold working of the material, improving strength.

Hot swaging is done at precise elevated temperatures. Heating is usually accomplished by use of induction heating equipment that allows for close control of heat input and swaging temperature. Greater reductions on heavy walled, difficult alloys are typically done utilizing this method.

Historical and Facility Review

Master Swaging, Inc. was formed around 1960 and incorporated in 1970 as a job shop manufacturing facility catering primarily to the helicopter and heavy aircraft industries.
The majority of sales are made to prime aircraft manufacturers. Direct military sales, account for about 10% of total sales, and commercial, non-aircraft related sales amount to 30% of total sales.
Present ownership succeeded in May of 1989. Day to day operations are overseen by Dan Gilroy, President. Total employment averages 10 people. Operations run on a two shift basis, 4 days a week with overtime and weekends as needed.
The facility consists of 4 buildings owned by the corporation, totaling 26,008 square feet, located on 2.2 acres in an industrial development section of Jackson Center, Ohio. Construction is primarily steel framed metal buildings.
Jackson Center is located 45 minutes north of Dayton, Ohio, 7 miles from Interstate 75. Dayton is an industrial center with major airport facilities used as a hub for air cargo and freight operations.
We are serviced by all major air, parcel and truck carriers. A railroad siding is adjacent to the facility.
We have been supplying Primary, Critical and Flight Safety Components for over fifty years, with our Quality system being approved by most major airframe manufacturers. All work is run on a manufacturing routing system that allows for full traceability, serial number identification and segregation of materials as needed.
Our expertise centers around swaged, flash butt welded or CNC machined torque tubes, pitch links, control rods, connecting links, drive shafts and stick assemblies and their related clevis, rod ends and bellcranks. This extends to rotor bolts, tail shafts and bulkhead mounts.
Materials include Titanium, Stainless and Alloy Steels, Aluminum and Plastics.
Many of the special processes required for these items are performed in-house or by accredited outside subcontractors. These processes include Swaging (Hot or Cold), Flash-Butt Welding, Silver Brazing, Bonding, Non-Destructive Testing , Organic Finishing (including Solid Film Lubes), Proof Testing and Assembly. We deal with over 350 material, hardware and service vendors (such as platers, testing labs and heat treaters).
In addition to full service manufacturing, we also provide these services as detail operations on customer supplied material on an offload subcontractor basis.