From  tubing to solids to wire rope assemblies, exotics and standards, this is our specialty, and we are good at it.

Swaging is not only a great process, it was also "net-shape process", before there was a name for it.
Improvement in grain structure and flow
Very stable and repeatable
Low cost alternate to machining


Swaging in General
We have swaged everything from hypodermic needles all the way up to 5" in diameter with a 3/4" wall in steel. From titanium bicycle parts and softball bats to boiler tubes that were over 24 feet long.  Wire rope assemblies for satellites that were small enough that a dozen of them would fit into your watch pocket, to slings that used 3/4" stainless cable.  We can swage what you need. Take a look!
Cold Rotary Swaging
The quickest, least expensive and most dimensionally stable, cold swaging is the process of choice for light to medium reductions in tube diameters and light reductions or "rounding-out" of solids.  Also the method used for most attachments of terminals and ends to wire rope.  Finished surface quality is improved to that of a burnished look as a result of the cold working of the outer surface of the material.  Useful for alloys ranging from aluminum and copper to many stainless and plain steels.
Hot Rotary Swaging
A process utilizing induction heating  equipment to rapidly heat the material to a plastic state just prior to swaging.  Used in applications requiring heavy wall thickness, tough  or thick materials or reduction angles that exceed the realm of cold swaging.  Surface finishes are somewhat rougher than cold swaging and costs are somewhat higher, but well worth it considering the increased capability.
Engineered Swaging
For those items that are somewhat unusual, either as a result of configuration or material.  Using a combination of swaging, machining and other manufacturing processes we can create parts that others can only dream of.  When no one else can do it, this is where we start. Reserved for those discriminating Engineers.

Assembly and Special Processing

Just take a look at the many processes that we have in-house capability on.  We can turn your small lot around quicker than most of your current suppliers, essential when it gets to "crunch" time.

Blazing Turn-around
Low minimum lot charges
Experienced with the specs and your situation

40+ years experience in the following

Structural Bonding of aircraft assemblies
Bearing removal and installation, staking (roll, segment, ring) and proof loading
Marking and identifying along with MIL-SPEC packaging

 Proof Loading Inspection

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